My name is Andy Miller, and I am the president of the North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance, A new organization for the next generation of law enforcement officers. We are not aligned with any other organization. As the former State President of the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association, I traveled the state and talked to law enforcement officers. The message that I kept getting was that they wanted something different. Most of them had been members in the existing organizations, but were sadly disappointed in them.

What makes us different? Well for one thing, we are listening to you, the law enforcement officers!    We want to know what you want in an organization. We have been building this one from the ground up, and we are open to your ideas.

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President's Monthly Message


    Because we are officers, just like you, we know what you face every day. All of us are faced with making decisions on a moment’s notice and at times we are ridiculed and second guessed by those who … Continue reading

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Secretary's Monthly Message


     After several years of discussion by our members and numerous requests from EMT’s state- wide affective July 1, 2013 the NCSPA is offering legal protection to EMT’s statewide. With the recent rulings from the courts showing a massive … Continue reading

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Why Join Our Organization

How Membership Benefits You

A concise, bulleted list of the benefits NCSPA offers you. Continue reading

Speaking Out Politically

Your Turnout at City Hall Made a Huge Difference

Thank You! I want to take this time to thank the Durham Law Enforcement and Fire Protection communities. You showed up in force on Friday May 30th at Durham City Hall to support us in our pursuit of pay raises … Continue reading

Safety Tips

Protecting Your Children

    With the most recent case in California of the missing teen that was abducted 18 years ago, we find the issue of missing and exploited children on the front burner once again. A high-profile abduction or other crimes … Continue reading

Corrections Officers Issues

Detention Officers

Each year there are numerous cases involving correction officers and detention officers across the state of North Carolina. If you’re being sued personally and want to make sure your interest is being protected. Who can protect you? The North Carolina … Continue reading

Issues We Face

Bullet Proof Vest for law enforcement officers on the Job

When a law enforcement officer goes on duty each day, he has no idea what type of danger he may be putting himself into. There are many times when unexpected events can take place during the day and the law … Continue reading

Benefits of Working Together

Unity Works

I have been in law enforcement now for 28 years. I have seen a lot of fads, or innovations, come and go. I have witnessed the revolution that in-car computers and cameras have brought. I have witnessed the development of … Continue reading