My name is Andy Miller, and I am the president of the North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance, A new organization for the next generation of law enforcement officers. We are not aligned with any other organization. As the former State President of the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association, I traveled the state and talked to law enforcement officers. The message that I kept getting was that they wanted something different. Most of them had been members in the existing organizations, but were sadly disappointed in them.

What makes us different? Well for one thing, we are listening to you, the law enforcement officers!    We want to know what you want in an organization. We have been building this one from the ground up, and we are open to your ideas.

The first difference is that this is a local organization. It is not controlled by interests outside the state of North Carolina. We are going to do some things similarly to other membership-based law enforcement organizations, but for the most part, we are going to focus on local issues. These are the very issues that affect your quality of life, no matter which agency you work for. But more importantly, we are listening to your ideas. This is an organization for you, built by you.

We know that the next generation of officers definitely want change from the status quo, and we will be your change agent. We may not always have all the answers, but we will try different approaches. We have a group of proven leaders, who believe that we must try new strategies in order to affect a change. We don’t think that the same old methods of operation will work anymore. We are asking you to help build this organization.

I have talked to enough law enforcement officers to know that there are some great ideas out there that no one is listening to. I AM listening. I believe that rank and file officers represent the best chance of making the changes necessary to improve the law enforcement profession.

Changes to our profession are coming, and we can either have a say in guiding them, or we can have them shoved down our throats. Right now, no one has asked you, the rank and file law enforcement officer, what changes are needed. Well, the North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance is asking! I told you this was going to be different!

We announced the formation of this organization in July of 2007 and the response has been spectacular. We here at NCSPA were not prepared for the response that we have received so far. We expected this thing to take months to take off. But your response has been great. We are elated to see many of our old friends joining us to help start a new organization for the next generation.

This is truly an organization built for you, the North Carolina law enforcement officer. This is truly an organization that is going to give back to our members on a level never seen before. Everything we do is member-driven. We are here for you and we will never forget that. We are not here to get rich or make a living off of you. We are here to serve you. Randy, Rickey, Eric and myself have served other organizations and we have witnessed the mistakes firsthand that they have made. We will avoid those mistakes. We will put you the member first….always!

We listened to you when we started this organization. We have heard what you want in an organization and we are going to deliver that. This is a local organization and your dues will be spent here on you. When one of our members is in trouble we are going to be there for him or her. But more importantly we are going to be working for our members who are not in trouble everyday. When you want an issue addressed you will be able to come to us. You won’t hear us making excuses. We will address the issue. We don’t promise miracles but we do promise a response. We are truly here to SERVE you.

We believe that if you are paying dues to an organization then that organization should be responsive to you. Way too often, organizations take your money but don’t have time for you when you want to discuss issues. We will be different. We are in the process of building something that you can be proud of belonging to. For too long we have sent our money or portions of our money out of this state. The North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance is wholly housed in North Carolina. Your money will stay here in North Carolina to serve North Carolina law enforcement. Our books are going to be open. As a matter of fact, we are going to post our IRS 990s on our website every year. Our members will be able to view our financial picture. Our members will be able to see how we spend their money. We will be an open organization. We are not going to hide anything from our members!

So if you are looking for a different kind of organization to join that is accountable to the members, then you have found us. We are going to invest in North Carolina law enforcement in a big way. That means you! Again thank you for your response to our new organization. Hang on, we promise you it will be a ride like nothing ever before. Thanks for your support. We appreciate you, the law enforcement officers of North Carolina.

Andy Miller
NC Sheriff Police Alliance

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