Unity Works

I have been in law enforcement now for 28 years. I have seen a lot of fads, or innovations, come and go. I have witnessed the revolution that in-car computers and cameras have brought. I have witnessed the development of the taser, which seems more like Star Trek than police work. DNA has changed the way we solve crimes, and it too, seems like science fiction.

I have also witnessed the resurgence of gangs. I have seen officer-involved shootings increase. Deaths in car chases have also gone up, despite the increased safety innovations in cars. I have seen the salaries of officers become stagnant and benefits disappear. I have seen our agencies ask us to do more and more for and with less. I also have seen the loss of respect for cops from the citizens. I have seen the training become more and more intense and complicated. Laws seem to change on regular basis.

However, I still love this profession! It is the greatest job in the world. The reason for that is simple. I still work with some of the best people in the world. I put my life in their hands on a daily basis. And thus far it has worked out great, as the fact that I am writing this letter attests.  Of course, I am sure, as in any profession, there are some who wish it wasn’t working at all.  But again, it is the people who work in law enforcement that make it work so well. That, my friend, hasn’t changed at all. Each one of you who chose to work in law enforcement is the heart and soul of what we do. I know the sacrifices that you make on a daily basis. I know firsthand the family events that you miss and will continue to miss. I thank each and every one of you for your sacrifices. I am truly amazed at the willingness to make the best of it that I see all the time in police work. I am thankful that God still makes people like you.

You see, no matter how many changes we go through, as long as we maintain our unity we will continue to overcome all obstacles. We are each others’ lifeline. We must stand together and support each other. We have a come a long way, but we still have great gains to make. Together we can change the world of law enforcement. But we must stand together and start here in North Carolina. We can’t let issues drive us apart, as a way for others to divide and conquer. We must respect each other. We are law enforcement! It does not matter whether we are police officers, deputies, forensic techs, communicators, probation officers, jailors, or campus police. We may have different roles but we are all part of law enforcement in North Carolina. Let’s come together as never before and change the face of law enforcement in North Carolina. The North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance believes that now is the time for us to move into the new age as a profession. We believe that the Governor’s race offers an opportunity to advance the law enforcement profession in way never before heard of. That is why we endorse Beverly Perdue for Governor. She will lead when others are content to follow!


God bless ya’ll,

Andy Miller, President

N.C. Sheriff Police Alliance

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