Your Turnout at City Hall Made a Huge Difference

Thank You! I want to take this time to thank the Durham Law Enforcement and Fire Protection communities. You showed up in force on Friday May 30th at Durham City Hall to support us in our pursuit of pay raises for public safety employees. It was impressive to see that many people in one location for one issue. There were so many of you there that the powers that be turned 100 of you back. We overwhelmed city hall! Today we stood together in unity. It’s been four years since that has happened. I am proud of you.  I know to some of you it seemed like we wasted our time. But that isn’t the case. We took one giant step today. The city council went back to the drawing board to try to squeeze more money for us out of their budget. This is after four days of budget hearings spent putting together that budget. Now they are redoing big parts of it. We are not through either. I will speaking before the council on Monday June 2nd. I will present a pay plan for public safety. We are just beginning to fight. Again thank you. Because of you we were able to make a strong statement today. Our efforts were not wasted. I am proud to be able to represent you. Thank you.

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