Detention Officers

Each year there are numerous cases involving correction officers and detention officers across the state of North Carolina. If you’re being sued personally and want to make sure your interest is being protected. Who can protect you? The North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance can! Our leaders are second to none when it comes to representing members. One thing holds clear. The days are long and trying. I remember when I was assigned to the jail in 1984-1986. I have not forgotten the future values of working in the jail or the uphill battles. Inmates cuss, threaten, harass and even throw urine at you. At the end of your shift you are expected to wind down before you get home and walk through the door with a happy face. You can’t wait to change your clothes because they smell just like the jail you worked in all day. Your family unknowingly not prepared for your silence takes it as being moody. Your frustration with the day’s events leaves you waiting and wanting your next day off to arrive in a hurry. So what is your job as a detention or corrections officer? Your job is to take everything dished out to you and keep a positive attitude because paying your bills depends on it. Trust me when I tell you, I know how you feel, been there done that and got the Tee-shirt. Working in a closed area for hours at a time without seeing the sunlight or having contact with the outside world can make you feel as though you are the one incarcerated. Since my days working in the jail things have changed. Policies and Procedures, personnel and equipment but one thing that hasn’t is the behavior of the inmates. Who is protecting you and your interest as a corrections officer or detention officer? Who stands with and for you when the lack of pay is an issue or compression of the pay scale allows the new employee to make as much as you do and you have 5 years experience and seniority? The North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance stands ready to assist you in improving the many areas of your life in corrections! It may be a request for better pay and benefits or representing you when you in a civil or criminal investigation. Join us today and help us help you make a difference in your future. We Stand with and for You! Sign up today!

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