EMT ‘s now protected by legal Services provided by NCSPA!

     After several years of discussion by our members and numerous requests from EMT’s state- wide affective July 1, 2013 the NCSPA is offering legal protection to EMT’s statewide. With the recent rulings from the courts showing a massive legal assault on the Emergency Management Technicians we can no longer sit back and watch EMT’s placed in the position of losing their lively hood based on an in the field life saving decision they make in times of a medical emergency.
    Through the nature of our jobs law enforcement and EMT’s have a strong bond. A bond that places either of the two in harms way on a moments notice. Protecting and saving lives is a great thing to have in common.

After many discussions with the EMT professionals it has been determined they are in need of bulletproof vests. There have been many cases throughout the state when they have been in a situation where the vest would have managed the safety factor to give them a better survival rate should they have been struck with a round from a firearm or hit with something that would have caused blunt force trauma. It is reasonable to pursue protective vests for our professionals in the EMT services. The NCSPA will lobby and meet with the elected officials to pursue protective vests for every EMT in the state of North Carolina. “Their safety is our priority and we are proud of extend- ing our services to our EMT family throughout the state.

Rickey Padgett

Secretary, NCSPA 

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