We’ve Got Your Back!

    Because we are officers, just like you, we know what you face every day. All of us are faced with making decisions on a moment’s notice and at times we are ridiculed and second guessed by those who claim to support us, but actually they attempt to find reasons to leave us hanging out there in limbo. When you make a decision on duty, you should expect and demand immediate representation. You should NEVER have to worry if an organization will defend you or how long it is going to be before your attorney arrives. The NCSPA thought process is quite simple. If the incident happens today, we want the attorney there yesterday. If you act in the scope of your employment and it results in a legal challenge or issue then we will be there for you! Period.
    Some organizations will tell you there are gray areas, and they will also tell you that you need your Board’s approval first. We are here to tell you that there are no gray areas and you will know immediately if you are covered or if you are not. As a member, you will know your legal options right away because you will have the opportunity to discuss your incident with one of our contracted attor- neys if an action has been taken against you. You and your North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance attorney will take the lead in your representation. The attorney assigned to you will look at the law as it ap- plies to your situation. From there, he (or she) will provide you the defense and advice you deserve. The NCSPA will serve you; and you alone. The attorney will not be fixated on saving the NCSPA money, as other or- ganization have done and still do today. Your protection is our number one priority and we will be there from the beginning to the end!

God Bless Y’all,

Andy Miller, President
NCSPA 866-736-2772 x1

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