Bullet Proof Vest for law enforcement officers on the Job

When a law enforcement officer goes on duty each day, he has no idea what type of danger he may be putting himself into. There are many times when unexpected events can take place during the day and the law enforcement officer may find him or herself needing protection that can only be offered by a bullet proof vest. When this happens, he or she will want to be sure that they have the best bullet proof vest that they can possibly have.
There are two levels of body armor that are most commonly used by law enforcement officers. Level III body armor is the armor that they wear on a daily basis. This body armor is lightweight so that they are still able to run after criminals when needed. They often use a carrier that is made of a moisture wicking material to ensure that they do not get overheated while they are wearing the bullet proof vest and so that they do not have massive amounts of sweat showing through their uniform. In the United States safeguardclothing.com is one of the armor manufacturers that makes covert breathable anti sweat vests.
The Level III bulletproof vest is designed to be worn under the uniform. This is to ensure that they are able to wear their badge in plain sight so that anyone that they are attempting to apprehend will know that they are the police. If the vest was worn on the outside of the uniform, it could be intimidating to civilians and the law enforcement officers do not want that.
law enforcement officers wear bullet proof vests that are issued to them by the department usually, they are given to the departments by donations or as part of the Bulletproof vest program managed by the Bureau of Justice Assistance. Alternatively individual law enforcement officers can purchase their own vests online and wear them. Each law enforcement officer needs to have their own vest to ensure that it fits them well and that they can be sure it is cared for properly. If a bullet proof vest has been passed down through the department for more than ten years, it may be time to invest in new vests to ensure that the officers are as protected as they can be, when they are on duty.
The Level III bulletproof vests offer protection from handguns, such as the 9 mm and the .357 Magnum and even rifle rounds. Everyday criminals usually tend to use handguns, but there are times when someone will have access to more powerful weaponry. When this happens, the law enforcement officers will need to wear Level IV bullet proof vests. The Level IV vests offer maximum protection against just about any round someone could fire. When someone takes hostages, kidnaps someone, or simply robs a bank, this is the level of protection the law enforcement officer needs.
The Level IV bullet proof vests are not worn on a daily basis by law enforcement officers. They are bulky and heavy. The weight of these vests make it difficult for law enforcement officers to be able to easily maneuver or run after a criminal. It is best to wear the Level III vests for day to day protection and save the Level IV vests for extremely dangerous situations. The Level IV vests are usually stored at the sheriff’s office until needed to ensure that they are safe and stored properly.

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