Randy Miller

 I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am Randy 

Miller and I am the Vice President of the North Carolina Sheriff Police 

Alliance. I retired from the Raleigh Police Department on January 1, 2008. 

Since, retiring I founded North Carolina Investigative Services, INC a full 

service private investigation company (www.ncisforhire.com).

I served in the United States Air Force as a Security Policeman from August 1979 

to August 1983. I was stationed at Eglin Air Force Base, Ft. Walton Beach 

Florida. I was Honorably Discharged from the United States Air Force and was 

immediately hired by the Raleigh Police Department in Raleigh, N.C. in August 

1983. I served in Uniform Patrol in various positions until I was promoted to 

Detective in 1995. I have been assigned to Robbery, Motor Vehicle Theft, 

Burglary, District Detective and Major Crimes during my 12 years as a Detective. 

I have over twenty eight years law enforcement experience.

I was involved in another Law Enforcement Association for over twenty years, and 

was the longest standing board member of that association when I resigned my 

positions in July 2007.  Andy, Ricky and me joined together to help start the 

North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance. We are firm believers that we can make a 

difference. As you can see I bring a lot of experience representing Law 

Enforcement Officers, as well as experience in political activity. Since I am 

retired I am free to speak without fear of reprisal, which makes me very 

effective. This benefits our members.

We are here for you when you need us, but we also need your input, ideas, and 

thoughts on issues involving Law Enforcement, and what is expected from this 

Association. The Law Enforcement Community should be represented by career Law 

Enforcement Officers and not just paid employees. The North Carolina Sheriff 

Police Alliance was founded to fight and stand for Law Enforcement.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime with any concern that you might have. 

We stand for and with Law Enforcement Officers, and that means that we will 

fight for what is right for the Law Enforcement Community and our members.

Randy Miller

First Vice President