Rickey Padgett

Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am Rickey Padgett and I am a full time law enforcement officer right here in North Carolina. I am not retired and working as a civilian, attempting to represent you when it counts the most. I am a full time law enforcement officer representing you in the way I will represent myself. You deserve just that! Things that affect us as law enforcement officers do not affect the State and National offices of law enforcement organizations in the way we are affected. What does affect those who do not have an actual pension retirement from law enforcement is the money flow in and the money flow out of an organizationover which they have control. Other organizations that are owned and operated by civilians and who claim they are membership-driven usually maintain control through illuminating strong leaders who are more concerned about money than the individual member. Power and control are the wheels that drives these types of organizations. With the organizations that have no real active law enforcement leadership at the top it becomes too easy to accept the status quo and say no to the membership more than you say yes. This simply saves them money for other self-serving projects. These are the type of organizations we will have no part of. With them it is all about making money to pay for overhead, lavish salaries and luxury item purchases. Salaries, benefits and perks should never be more than the cost of defending law enforcement officers. Many organizations spend millionsof dollarson the high-end employeesand perks while spending very little on thelaw enforcement officer in comparison to what they take in financially overall.

You and I want the best services for your dollars. We deserve just that! You and I as a law enforcement officers should always use cautionwhile makingsurethose we choose to represent us do just that!Representation is not just a word: Its ourcommitment to you, the member.

As theleadership of the North Carolina Sheriffs Police Alliance we will commit to you! We will always represent you in a professional manner and in the way that you so rightfully deserve. We will use our strengthand resources to give you the best service available. Our goal and objective is to service your law enforcement needs and give you the best service at a moment”s notice without the slightest hesitation or excuse. Its your trust and your career that we will always value the most. We want to earn the confidence of those who have not had the experience of being a part of our law enforcement family here at NC Sheriff Police Alliance. Most of all we want the honor of representing you, the law enforcement officer.

As a law enforcement officer, you should never have to hinge your career ón the same old ideas in a day and age when law enforcement isalways changing. You should want an organization that listens to your needs and responds to those ever-changing needson a daily basis.

Several of you may know me because of my previous long standing affiliation dating back to 1986 with the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association. As the membership chair and secretary for the NCPBA, I was able to increase membership in a day and time where increasing members in most organizations was unheard of. I did that with the utmost respect that I had for the membership and the belief in earning the trust and confidence of each and every member. I have traveled the halls of justice and I have placed my career in jeopardy for other law enforcement officers because it was the right thing to do. I have always based my decisions on what has been best for law enforcement and the members I have represented. That is why I have decided that I could best represent you the law enforcement officer by moving in a direction that will allow me to continue to give the greatest amount of service to the most law enforcement officers here in North Carolina. Those of you who may already know me already know that I and the Alliance will give you100%.

I have since moved on to the North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance,I once again ask you for your trust and confidence where it matters the most. Those of you who know me know that I have earned your trust. Those of you who don’t, I am asking you to join us so we can help make a difference. As we represent you as a law enforcement professional we will earn and deserve your trust and confidence. Protecting you from the unwarranted attacks of the suspects in a court of law by way of the criminal and civil courts will always be our number one priority.Your attorney will be provided to you in your time of need.We will also maintain in the open to you as a member and the publicour fiduciary responsibility upon your request and eventually posting it on the website. You have the right toknow where your money is spent and where it ends up. We owe you that! We will never stone wall your request as has been done and will continue to be done in many other law enforcement organizations. You will not have to ask for the informationprovided to the IRS by the North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance it will be posted.

We mean what we say, we say what we mean. There is no hidden agenda in the North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance as there is in other organizations. We are not about protecting the money, we are about protecting you andother members of our law enforcement Alliance.We are certified law enforcement here in the state of North Carolina representing your needs as law enforcement officers.

Rickey Padgett
North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance

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  1. Rickey Says:

    While we respect your opinion I can assure you that you are misrepresenting the facts. It appears you have little to no knowledge of the North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance. As a biased conservitive organization you have a right to express your opinion. If you would have checked the endorsements of the organization of wich you critisize during this and previous elections you would have seen the the NCSPA endorses candidates base on issues and not party affiliation as most liberal or conservative organizations do. Our issues relate to law enforcement and only law enforcement. Check all the endorsements of an organization before you critisize it will make you a better judge than a critic.

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