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  1. weaverco Says:

    I guess I’ll be the first one to put something on the editorial page. Oh well here goes. This last December I joined the NCSPA. In the past I had many opportunities to join other organizations who claim to represent police officers. My concern has always been for protecting cops here in NC. Laws and politics of North Carolina can be very unique to police officers here in NC. It is for that reason I made the decision to join the NCSPA. Keep the money here in North Carolina and you’ll keep me as a member!

    — Bluelight1043

    I have been getting statements from another policeassociation with payment do to them. The statement is set up like an actual billing statement. The tone can be considered very threatening in itscontent.Any officer who has gotten one of these discard it in any manner you choose.Your under no obligation to belong in an organization you don’t want to.I’m glad I don’t have that as an issue with the N C Sheriff Police Alliance. Thanks guys for all you are doing. You handled my case with mydepartment in a very well thought out and positive manner. Best money I ever spent. Representation on a moments notice.Things started happening right away. Issues were resolvedinstantly upon notice where timeand movement made the difference.

    — CopinNC@

    As a deputy sheriff in NC I feel that we have finally found an organization who understands the real needs and issues of a deputy sheriff. I called NCSPA at the number provided. I was anticipating leaving a message. Fortunately, the question I had was not an emergency. However, I did not realize that when I made the call at 3:20am the call would be answered by a live person. Not only was it a live person but it was the secretary himself, Rickey Padgett. I thought I was going to speak with the answering service. He told me that they did not use the answering service because it was too impersonal to the members and that when I had an issue I needed answers or I would not be calling. I quickly apologized for call that time of the morning. We spoke another 10 minutes and my questions were answered. WOW, what a way to go! I’m now a proud member of the NCSPA. If you’re not a member when you read this you need to get on it right away! Join today!

    — TMatters

    While I’m not a police officer I am the wife of one. My husband works long hours to provide for the family. He works his primary job and two part time jobs. I work a full time job and we have 3 children. I did not know you guys existed until I found you on a google search. However, withissues for law enforcement being what they are I am glad to see you here in the state of North Carolina. My dad was a cop for 32 years. I know what its like to belong to a police family. WhenI called the number provided on the web site the last thing I thought wasthat I wouldspeak to someone with answers and a positive commitment for law enforcement officers. This is rare in this day and time when you have to search for good guys. I googled in the NC Governors race and wanted to see who cops were supporting , and there it was NCSPA and the Troopers Association supporting Bev Perdue.Through your web site I have been placed on an email list that keeps me current to law enforcement issues and key political races. Needless to say Bev Perdue has my vote for NC Governor along with the vote of my family and friends. I am able to pass a long vital information on lawenforcement issues that do affect cops everywhere. My husband is informedby the web site and emailsthrough me on almost a daily basis. He actually gets tickled over it as he thinks I can be over informative. Either way thanks for the web site and your services to cops like my husband and the spouses.

    — Kalani Johnson

    As one who has been involved in an officer shooting I can tell you the importance of having your own attorney and not your agency attorney to represent you. I was charged with an incident involving a shooting of a suspect. When you pull the trigger or you are charged with another type of duty related incident your life will take on a new meaning. I didn’t have my own attorney and I did notthink I needed one. After all, I’m one of the good guys, Right? My agency will protect me, wrong! Everybody stood behind me and supported me until I was charged. After being charged my leaders actually stood on the other side in what they called a neutral position. It was not politically correct to support me. I have found out who my true friends were along with what a real cop looks like. A real cop is one who stands beside you when you have done the right thing even when the political winds and your leaders have let you down because of it. I met one of yourNCSPA leaders when he was visiting family in my area. He did not know that Ihad beeninvolved in anycritical incident, nor did I tell him.He gave me a card and asked me to join. I began to think about it, since then I have decided to forgo the badge and the gun for law enforcement purposes. Ino longer live in North CarolinaI am only looking to join as a non-law enforcement member. I chose to quit what I still consider an honorable career after being hung out to dry. I just wish you guys would have been around during my critical time of need. The individual I spoke to in the NCSPAis very informative and inspirational in his genuine concern for helping officers and being there in a time of need. To all cops I would say if you don’t belong to the NCSPA them you’re the fox in a fox hunt. Protect your family and career. Jointhe NCSPA!

    — FormerLeo

    Dear Back Talk,

    I am curious how deputies feel about the new trend to require deputies to enforce federal immigration laws when you encounter an illegal immigrant committing crimes. I’m trying to educate myself about the issue and have only heard the voices of the politicians (which, needless to say, does not inspire great confidence)…I’d appreciate hearing some pros and cons from the folks on the street. Thanks for all you do.

    — A concerned citizen.

    We enforce the laws related to the illegal immigrant issue as required by law, the fact that the Sheriffs Offices will be tasked with this effort is not any different than responding to any other call since the law is the law no matter howanyone maysee it. We are required to enforce the laws of the state of North Carolina. If a crime is committed than the end result may bring attention to those committing a crime and therfore this may be an action needed to reduce crime. Remember reducing crime is our goal!

    — Back Talk

    WELL, surprise surprise it looks like the city of Durham is up to its old tricks one more time. Lastweek the firecode became an issue for a work session meeting open to the public. Unfortunately the right to attend the meeting was violated by the city officials in attendance. After looking at the situation at the time it was clear that the room was no where near capacity. “Eveyonemust have a seat it was proclaimed!” which was translated to “Get most of these cops out of here!” The city violated the rights of every cop and citizen in the meeting that had to stand in the hall where they could hear or see nothing. The question for the city is simple, If you have nothing to hide than why force citizens out of a public meeting? A meeting that if all could not be in attendance should have been tabled or accommodations made. Speakers in the hall or lobby where the citizen were hearded off to like cattle. We as citizens have a right to assemble and to be present at a public meeting. No city official has the right to take away what the Constitution grants. If it happens again it may be time for the court to decide what is right and what is wrong?

    — Unhappy Cop in Durham

    KUDOS!!Goes out to City Council Eugene Brown, Mike Woodard,Diana Catotti and Farad Ali for the stand they have made for the police and fire entities in Durham NC. It is always nice to know that as public officials they hear, feel and see what is going on in Durham and recognizing that public safety is in a crisis. Salaries and benefits aredownwhile gangs, drugs and crimes are up! Lets get to the point in the past there has been lots of rhetoric from politicians stating they don’t want to treat a certain class of employees different. They do it everyday! Public Safety has beento many as a necessary evil. Some see it as the saving grace. Othersdeal with it because itmakes great headlines in an election. Its time to look closer at those politicians whoreally don’t get it! Again I say KUDOS! toEugene Brown, Mike Woodard, Diane Catotti and Farad Ali and thanks for understanding when others don’t seem too!

    — Proud NCSPA member!

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